Leave a Footprint on the Heart of a Loved One

Last time I looked, it was November 1st!  What happened?  Why during the most wonderful time of the year does time seem to move the quickest?  Whether it’s due to the additional chores on our TO DO lists or simply the fact that we are enjoying ourselves so much during this season, there is no way to slow down time.

That’s why it’s so important to capture time and those special moments wherever and however you can!  For all of us with kids, grandkids, or nieces and nephews, take the time now to capture this moment with a foot print or hand print.  Time get away from you and they are no longer babies?  That’s okay, I recently took the hand prints of my grown children and I cherish that piece!  It will take minutes of your time (we will help!) and you will have a plate, platter, vase, picture frame, you name it with your baby’s (cause they are always your baby!) print on it.

And, if you are looking for a gift to touch the heart of mom, dad, grandma or grandpa, nothing will do it like a hand made pottery piece with their little one’s prints on it!


These I Keep


Today, in the studio, I was talking to a mom who was telling me about her very artistic child.  She was telling me that her daughter draws, colors and creates non-stop.  She said she wishes she could keep everything, but that just wasn’t realistic. She then took a look at her daughter’s painted piece and said, “These, I keep.”

Those three words resonated with me.  The studio is a place for people to come, spend time with their family, kids, and friends.  A place to escape from the world and, for just a little while, focus completely on the people sitting across from you.  To talk, to laugh, to dream while creating a masterpiece.  That piece, that one painted piece of bisque, is the physical remembrance of that special time spent with that special person..  So, yes, this mom keeps her daughter’s bisque.  And, when she drinks her tea out of the painted mug, eats a snack off the plate, looks at the frame or jewelry box or vase created during that special time, she remembers.  A year from now, five years from now, fifty years from now, that piece will still exist and a story, a special time, will be attached to it.

So, don’t come in the studio to paint a piece of pottery.  Come in the studio to create an memory for not only yourself, but that special person that you choose to paint with you.

Silk Screening

silkscreen dragon            silkscreen tree

“WOW!  Who painted that?”  That’s what we hear all the time when customers come in and see pieces with such detailed and intricate designs.  The answer?  It’s a silk screen.  A silk screen is basically a very intricate stencil.  The wonderful part is that it’s so simple to use! You pick your choice of silk screen from our design book, you choose the color(s) you would like to use, we add a thickening medium to those paint colors and you literally rub the mixture into the silk screen with your finger.  And, VOILA!, a beautifully transferred design.  We carry a very large variety of designs: animals, trees, flowers, trending patterns, holiday, chevron, polka dots…..

Keep Calm and Write On

Arts A Blaze has joined the blogging world! We are new to this, so please be patient with us as we discover what blogging is all about!

The studio opened in April 2009 and we have been learning and growing ever since.  We started out like everyone else–offering paint your own pottery and glass fusing.  In the years since, we began offering canvas paining, mosaics and t-shirt design as well.

About three years ago, one of the suppliers at a trade show was nice enough to provide us with a small butterfly mold to try our hands at slip pouring.  How much fun was that??!!  We started off in a small (un-airconditioned) warehouse pouring slip out of buckets into our handful of molds.  We quickly outgrew our 10′ x 10′ space and moved into a much larger warehouse!  We have since accumulated over 500 molds and spend multiple days each week at the warehouse pouring hundreds of the pieces offered in the studio!

Throughout this blog, we will talk about everything from how we pour the actual pottery pieces, painting techniques, newly acquired pieces, and special offers to random observations about life in general.  Please join us in this new endeavor and feel free to make suggestions and comments!

HmoldsStep 2 - Fill the mold